Terms of Service
By emailing me about a commission you have read and agree to the terms of service.
YOU CAN use your commission for personal, non-profit use such as printing it for yourself, social media icons blogs/rp. 
You CANNOT claim the commission as our own or redistribute/use it for profitable purposes including merch/NFTS/Twitch. 
I do not store your email address nor other personal information such as reference images you might send me or give it to third parties. 
Payment via paypal invoices following your approval of the sketch stage of the drawing.
Visual references are mandatory.
I have the right to refuse a commission and refund you if I feel I cannot do it or it makes me uncomfortable.
Prices are per character. Second characters in a single piece cost 70% of the base price.
For example: A 2 character half-body painting would be £170 = 100 + 70 (0.7 x 100)
Prices are in GBP (Great British Pound).
✔ I WILL draw:
✔  OCs
✔ Fanart
✔ Creature characters (e.g. Pokemon)
✔ Ask for anthro characters.
I WON’T draw:
❌ Gore
❌ Anything deemed offensive/insensitive or controversial.

Contact me via phlavours(@)outlook.com if want to know more!